Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australia's Bushfire Tragedy

I guess most people in the world would have heard about the devastating bush fires burning in Australia at the moment.  The death toll keeps rising (over 170 people at the moment with more expected) and the number of houses lost is staggering - over 750! I feel a bit helpless as to what to do for the people affected.  

I was overdue to give blood by a week, so yesterday I went and donated.  I took Farmer Phil along as he had never donated before.  I think I've convinced him that it is a wonderful thing to do for people in need.  I have been a regular donor for the past 10 years or so and I urge all of you out there who can donate, to please do!

I heard that there has been 15 million dollars raised so far for the fire victims - this is a staggering amount, but I think these people will need a lot more money than this to get their lives back together!  You can donate through the Australian Red Cross.

We have had the smoke from the bush fires blanketing our area since Sunday.  The sun and moon have been bright red in the sky - it's really quite beautiful, but also a very sad reminder of this tragedy.

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