Friday, April 24, 2009

Spreading Gypsum

Farmer Phil is busy spreading gypsum today. It is supposed to rain this afternoon and tomorrow, so he wanted to at least get some spread before the rain so that it will settle into the soil nicely. He's also got about 250T of lime to spread before sowing of the crops start. Jack was acting like a farm dog today, taking a keen interest in proceedings!


Anonymous said...

I am the girlfriend of a cattle farmer. We have only been together for a short 8 months. I love the farm life, but after the bushfires and the loss of 75% of the farm, my boyfriend is extremely busy. Even though I know that the farm comes first and I love to help and learn, I have been feeling very neglected. I am trying to deal with these feelings on my own, as I live in town and he lives on the farm. I have no one to talk to about how to deal with these feelings and was wondering if you could suggest something. I seem to give everything and get little in return, but I do know that is the way things have to be until the farm recovers enough from the devastation of the fires for my boyfriend to have more time and energy for me. I do not want him to know how I feel as he has enough to deal with. Can you help

Donna said...

Hi there, I can't reply to your comment when you're anonymous. Send me an email to the address on my profile page and we can chat. Thanks, Donna.