Monday, June 29, 2009

Dress Ups

I came across this photo of Ange and Daniel on Facebook this morning taken at their friend Pete's 21st birthday party at the weekend. The theme was "Something Beginning with P". I'm guessing Ange is a "private" or "platoon sergeant" in the army and Daniel is of course Mr Potato Head.

It reminded me of Farmer Phil's 30th birthday party quite a few years ago which had the same theme. Here is a photo of all of us as Peter Pan, Pocahontas, a punk, a pirate and a princess. We also had a priest with his real priest's borrowed robes, the Pope, Pacman, a present, a pregnant man, a prostitute, Pebbles, perverts, a policewoman, Pixie-anne Wheatley, and of course party poopers who didn't dress up at all!

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