Thursday, November 5, 2009

Harvest 2009

Yes, harvest has finally started for us. The canola has been windrowed for more than 10 days, so it's just right for harvesting now. So far the yields haven't been anything startling, but we'll wait and see how they go as we progress. We're not expecting a great harvest after the low rainfall figures for the year.
This photo shows the windrow of canola being fed into the header. I learned to drive the header this afternoon. I've never had a go before and as Farmer Phil drives the semi trailer, I volunteered to drive the header. We've got a man coming next week to take over when we start the cereal crops, but I'm happy to plod along in the canola. I'll then drive the tractor and chaser bin for the rest of harvest which should take 4-5 weeks.

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