Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Guidance System

We've had Adam from Intersales Temora out to install a base station and equipment for us to use RTK (Real Time Kinematic) Guidance System for our seeding, spraying and harvesting operations.

We've been using the Trimble EZ-Guide 500 system with EZ-Steer for a few years but we decided to upgrade to an even more precise system.

Using the 2.5cm RTK automated steering system will increase our accuracy, efficiency and productivity, or so the experts tell us!


farmerpj said...

Hi there Donna, I still just use a couple of EZ-guide plus units.. not even EZ-steer, but I'm vaguely looking for a second hand EZ-steer... you weren't thinking of selling your old one by any chance??

and yes I agree... the EZ-guide isn't as accurate as I'd like, but for what I do it's not too bad.

Hope seeding goes well. I hope to start on Monday.


Donna said...

Hi Farmer PJ,

We've put the EZ-Steer in the spray tractor. It's just too expensive to convert all our gear to hydraulic steering etc all in one go!!

We're half way through cropping, so we should finish in another 2 weeks all going well.

I've got to do another post soon as our MX 285 seeding tractor is in the workshop at the moment and I'm using a brand new MX 305 c/o Intersales Temora until they can figure out what's wrong with ours! Farmer Phil is very tempted to purchase this one!!

Hope your season goes well! I'm needed on the tractor, so better make tracks!