Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flooding Photos

I've just been surfing the net looking for info and photos of the flooding in our region and found a few. I hope the photographers don't mind me using them to show you all what I was talking about in my last post!

A ute trying to negotiate a roundabout in Lockhart yesterday.

The supermarket at Lockhart.

The main street of Lockhart yesterday. The insurance assessors will be busy for a while!

The main street through Holbrook yesterday.

This photo is of our friends Mick and Felicity's farm between Mangoplah and Yerong Creek yesterday. They're lucky that their house is on a hill otherwise they would've been washed away!


Domestic Goddess said...

Wow, those photos are crazy. Its just so amazing how much water can come form the sky and in such a short time. So lucky that house was on a hill, how awful it they went for a ride down the flood waters!

Unknown said...

Great photos Donna, we had not long been to Holbrook and Lochart and were amazed to see flooding, we live in Queanbeyan and have since had our own deluge. I have never before heard it rain so heavy and so fast before.