Sunday, January 9, 2011


This was the scene at the paddock in front of our house this morning on another beautiful hot sunny day:

2 headers waiting to be serviced
3 semi trailers ready to be filled
1 bagging machine waiting to be finished off
1 field bin waiting to be emptied
1 tractor and chaser bin waiting to start
1 water cart ready for when a fire may start

This is the same paddock this evening:

1 bag full of wheat
all machinery gone because we've finally finished harvest!!!!!!!!
grey skies which have brought rain!

Holiday here we come tomorrow morning at around 4am!!!

At the moment we're trying madly to get everything packed into the ski boat so we can get the early start we want. Renmark is about 700km away from here so it takes a good 1/2 day to get there.

The caravan is in storage over there already with everything in it that we need, so all we really need to pack is our clothing, the kids tents and bedding, and all the ski gear.

So it's goodbye from us for a couple of weeks - see you all when we're back to the real world after 2 relaxing weeks of skiing, eating, drinking, and catching up with our friends Andrew, Michelle, Lucy and Hannah!!



Annette Piper said...

Have a fabulous holiday :D I'm so glad you got harvest finished before the rain - you'll be able to enjoy your holiday so much more!

A Farmer's Wife said...


Fiona said...

Happy Holidays to you Donna.
I'd say you all deserve a good break, congratulations on a successful harvest.

BushBelles said...

Have a great well earned break. We are just back from our annual beach holiday.

Anonymous said...

Now you need to tell everyone that after so much hard work you slept through the 4am alarm!!!! Poor Andrew, Michelle and Girls were waiting at the arranged meeting point and had to awaken the sleepy heads with a phone call. Mind you there was plenty of sleeps in the holidays!