Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3 - Even More Country Bumpkins

Day 3 yesterday saw Farmer Phil and I doing even more touristy stuff in Sydney! A walk around Darling Harbour and a visit to the Powerhouse Museum were the order for the day. We really needed more time at the Powerhouse so we've pencilled in visiting there next time we're in Sydney.

Imagine me driving this tractor to put the crop in!!!

Or heading off to a bush fire in this rig!!!

The Zoo and Aquarium that we've visited on other trips to Sydney so no need to do it this time!

The Maritime Museum which we've visited before and found very interesting.

PS - We arrive home at 1pm this afternoon - so glad to be away from the cars, people and pollution of Sydney and back to our rolling hills, green paddocks, fresh air, and peace and quiet!!!

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pollyemj said...

Love reading about your city adventures Donna! But yes, I bet you're glad to be home after a few days of mayhem!