Saturday, May 19, 2012

Playing with Fire!

One day during the week I was sick off looking out at my untidy outer yard with weeds killed by Roundup weeks ago, left to become dry and ratty looking around all the mossy rocks there.  I had the bright idea to burn off and make it look a bit tidier.  I then decided to call our local earthmoving man Duncan to come and have a look at my work and see if he could move all the rocks and smooth the yard over so it's easier to mow with the ride-on.  He has assured me that he'll be able to move them and if his machine won't budge some of the big rocks, he'll just bring in a bigger machine! 

I'm a bit of a pyro I think because I just love playing with fire!

The end result with the rocks actually being seen!

I know a lot of you love the look of mossy rocks in a paddock, and I do too, but just not where I want to mow and have it looking all nice and neat.  Our house is surrounded on three sides with retaining walls of mossy rocks so I think we've got enough at the moment!

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