Friday, August 24, 2012

Ganmain Show

Last Saturday was our annual country show.  It was a cold, wet day but there was still a large crowd there. 

The show has the usual displays of prize-winning sheep and poultry, sheep dog trials, large art and craft pavillion, horse show ring events, Miss Showgirl competition and side-show alley.  However it is a little bit different to other shows in our area. 

Because Ganmain is known as the "haystack" capital of Australia, the show holds a haystack building event.  Ganmain is also renowned for their famous meat pies, so there is a contest to see who can eat 3 pies in the shortest time.  Our friend Farmer Jason has won the event the last 2 years in a row!!

Emma was asked to entertain the crowd for an hour or so before the fireworks display started.  She was perched up on a truck trailer protected from the wind and rain, which was much better than us freezing our bums off!  

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Annette Piper said...

The haystack and pie eating comps sound like fun!