Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Harvest 2012

It's our second last day of harvest 2012 so I thought I should at least do one post on the subject!!

We bought a new header this year and there's a fight on each day between Farmer Phil, Daniel and Ryan about who gets to drive it for the day!!  I've had minimal input with this year's harvest due to my involvement with the new shop, but I have still managed a few hours of header driving!

Harvest has unexpectedly been quite good after receiving absolutely no rain for the whole month of September when the crops are really singing out for a good drink!!

The canola yielded well and had high oil content, and the wheat has yielded well also so no complaints about this year's harvest!

Picking up wheat on the run!

The header is fully controlled by GPS so you only have to steer at the end of each run or around an obstacle in the paddock!

Harvesting at 10km per hour

45ft Draper front gets across the paddocks very quick!


weidemama said...

Hallo Donna
Super Photos of the harvest, the wheat may be only very well!
At of a new machine wants to drive each times, I wish from the snowy Germany still a very good harvest and a beautiful Christmas season, Greetings by Wilma

Fiona said...

Boys and their toys!
How many harvests does it take to pay for a new harvester!?!
Enjoy the lead up to Christmas Donna, bet the shop's looking gorgeous.