Sunday, March 2, 2014

Emma is off to Univertsity!

As soon as we returned from New Zealand, Emma and I were off to Melbourne for a day of orientation and filling out forms!  Then a week later it was pack the car with all her stuff and get her set up ready to start uni.

Emma is doing a Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services.  Which means she wants to be a movie/special effects make-up artist!

We found some fantastic student accommodation for her in Footscray which is about a 15 minute bus/train ride into her King Street campus in Melbourne's CBD.  It's called Victoria Place and they are all individual studio apartments with their own kitchen and bathroom/laundry.  Perfect!

Getting settled in!  Emma loves her course, has met the other residents, is looking for a part time job and is generally loving Melbourne!

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kelgell said...

That sounds like a fascinating course to do. I'm a bit artistic myself and love all the behind the scenes of movie stuff. Didn't realise we had a course in that though. Fun. Victoria is my home state too, though I'm currently in NSW. It's a lovely place down there though a bit colder than up here. Hope her studies go really well too.