Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ready for Harvest

We're all ready to start our harvest now. The header has been serviced, the canola has been windrowed and Farmer Phil is eager to see how well the crops will yield.

Farmer Phil harvested a small canola sample yesterday and had it tested for moisture and oil content. The moisture level was a bit too high to start harvesting it today, so he'll have to cool his heels for a day or so. The oil content was only 32% which is well below the receival standard of 42%. This is due to the dry conditions and lack of crucial rainfall during the growing season. We will be penalised price-wise for this drop in oil content.

As you can see, the canola looks very different now compared to a few months ago when it had lush, green foliage and pretty yellow flowers. All it is now is a hard, thick stalk with some crunchy pods on the ends.

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