Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I took Emma to see Pink's "Funhouse" Concert held in Canberra on Monday night. Well, Pink is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!! It wasn't just a concert, but more an extravagant production. Emma hadn't been to anything like it before and she was just buzzing with excitement before and after.

The tickets we had were for standing only, so I didn't really know how much we'd see. We positioned ourselves at the top of the runway stage and we had a fantastic view because Pink performed many of her songs at the end of the runway.

The stage setting was fantastic with so much colour and action. Pink's costumes were amazing and she has the best looking, fittest body of any woman I know! These are just a few of the photo's I took. Click on any of them and they'll open to a larger format to see them better.

If you ever get a chance to see Pink in concert I can guarantee you'll have a wonderful time.

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