Saturday, July 24, 2010

On a Happy Note....

Farmer Phil and I did a road trip to Brisbane this week to pick up our new car.

I know what you're thinking - "why on earth would you drive 1250km to buy a new car?"

Well, the simple answer is $7000!

That is how much cheaper this car was compared to dealers in our local area.

I had put 265000km on our old car in the 6 years we owned it, so we were overdue for a new one when you consider that I drive about 50000km each year.

Farmer Phil and I actually enjoyed our trip as both of us had never been further north than Gunnedah. We saw that the canola crops were starting to flower around Parkes, and then near Moree they were out in full flower whereas our canola still looks like cabbage plants with no flower at all.

The flat, black soil plains around Moree were some of the best farming country we saw with their huge flat paddocks.

Ryan thinks we're very "cool" parents now with such a nice car - it's a Holden Commodore SSV with a 6L V8 engine.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Hope you will still talk to the uncool folk!
Also..well done Emma. Lucky the new car is here so that you can start adding some kilometres to it.
Michelle G

Corrie said...

wowee you sure do a lot of driving!!!!! we bought our car 2nd hand and its still only got about 75k on it!

I'd love a new car - always at my husband for a new one and hoping baby 4 is the one that will clinch it for me!