Thursday, February 23, 2012

Emma's 15 Minutes of Fame!!

If you look really hard you'll see Emma's face on today's edition of The Border Mail newspaper - see in the top right hand corner!!
Yesterday I drove her to Albury to audition for X-Factor. I only saw the ad on tv at the weekend which said that auditions were in Albury which is only 1 1/2 hours from home. I suggested she try out just for the experience and also for feedback from the judges on what they thought of Emma's voice.

Although Emma did a fantastic job at her audition, she wasn't picked to go onto the next round. The judge was very impressed with her voice saying that he was surprised that she had such a strong voice, but at 15 years old she just needs some more performance experience and to definitely try again next year. He just told her to go out and do as much performing as she could.

Emma was really happy with her audition and even happier with the judges comments. She was just glad that he didn't tell her she was a "crap singer", to use Emma's exact words! So she's very excited about the year ahead and what it could hold for her!

Check out to read the whole article and watch a quick video of Emma practising before her audition.

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