Saturday, February 25, 2012

I ♥ Rollerskating

Like a lot of teenagers in the 80's I was madly in love with rollerskating. Every Saturday night my friends and I headed to the local rink for the evening disco! The best part was when it was the "speed skate" and everyone would step onto the rink and proceed to hoon around it to "Wipe-Out" blaring over the sound system! Oh, the memories!!

My friend Andrea had the most beautiful white leather (or maybe they were just vinyl?!) skates with red wheels. Oh how I envied her! My skates were red, blue and yellow! How retro - probably a collectors item now!

Anyway, I always have the Ellen show on at lunchtime for a bit of light entertainment, and yesterday she had an absolutely amazing husband and wife team of roller skaters on. Check out their You Tube clip below - OMG, it's superb! Now why didn't I ever look like that?!

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