Friday, March 2, 2012

Dress Ups!

Tomorrow night we have our very good friends Jason and Kellie's combined 40th birthday party. It is a costume party and you have to come dressed as something starting with either J or K. I "Googled" both letters and came up with a long list - Jack and Jill, Jesus, Jack Sparrow, jillaroo/jackaroo, jockey, Kath and Kim, king, koala, kangaroo, knight and Kermit to name a few. I finally settled on what seemed easiest to sew.

Here's what I've come up with today.

Farmer Phil will be a Jedi

I will be a Jailbird

I'll take my camera and show you some of the costumes our friends came up with. Should be a fun night although we're supposed to get between 40 and 80mm of rain again tomorrow - we've had 150mm since Tuesday!


BushBelles said...

Wow I need you to live at my house come book week this year!! Great threads. Bushbelles

Unknown said...

Did you party or were you out sandbagging in your great costumes?