Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beach Carnival & Gala Day 2013

2013 is Emma's final year of high school - it's a bit sad really!
So here are some photos of her last ever Beach Carnival and Gala Day at Yanco Ag!
Mighty Mutch House marching - we came second!

Emma - second row from the front and second left.  Marching is taken very seriously at Beach Carnival!!

Year 12!

Then an all in water fight!

Gala Day - Grand Parade!

Equestrian Team!

Parading the cattle!

Parading the sheep!

The Year 12 Fashion Parade where Elvis made an appearance!

KISS were there too!

The Wiggles and their Big Red Car!

Lady Gaga!

Emma, Vanessa and Courtney as Charlie's Angels!
Year 12 on the balcony of McCaughey House!

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