Wednesday, January 1, 2014


We had a very sad end to 2013 with our beautiful big boy "Charlie" passing away :(!  He was only 8 1/2 but he became ill a few months ago and the vet thought he may have had lung cancer or a virus!  Nothing was conclusive with all the investigations the vet did and one surgery to drain fluid from Charlie's lungs.  But when Charlie started having real difficulty breathing last week we decided to have him put down.  We were on our way to the vets when he died in the car.  We buried him under the lemon scented gum in the last photo below - he has a beautiful view of the farm!

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Killarney said...

Hello Donna,
You cat reminds me of my own 'Bad Baby'. I too am a farmers wife for going on 20 yrs now from across the pond in Canada. In addition to being a farmer's wife, mother of 5 and horse professional I am also an award winning multi-published historical romance author. I would love to come and share on your blog sometime. Have a good one! Killarney.