Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ag n Chat Christmas Party

Last night we hosted a hastily organised Christmas party for my ag n chat group including husbands. On Wednesday/Thursday we had another 50mm of rain so that brought harvesting to a grinding halt again!

I sent out a quick email Thursday night and asked anyone who could come Friday night was most welcome. We had a really nice night after a tough few weeks of trying to harvest. It's great to see our farmer husbands get together and let their hair down for a few hours before having to worry about harvesting again.

The sun has been shining yesterday and this morning so Farmer Phil is hopeful of starting up the header this afternoon. We have a week of fine weather coming so we need to get stuck in!

PS - as you can see my beautiful Australian hardwood deck still hasn't come to fruition so we laid down some good old Aussie blue tarps instead which worked a treat!

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