Saturday, December 4, 2010


Farmer Phil is on the header tonight trying to get a paddock of canola harvested. Ryan, who is 16 is driving the tractor and chaser bin helping out. This is what happens when we get unwanted rain at harvest time!

Ryan was driving the chaser bin which had about 25T of canola onboard and was on his way to empty it into a field bin when it flopped down into a wet spot on the track.

I received a call for help to bring a couple of shovels to dig the mud away from the bogged wheel.

Farmer Phil and Daniel on the shovels. Once the canola was emptied out of the bin and the mud shovelled away, the tractor walked the bin out easily. But we still lost an hour and a half of precious harvesting time.

This is the bog mark left in the track!


Anonymous said...

Yuck......Hope the language was kept "pleasant". Fancy getting bogged in December! Michelle

A Farmer's Wife said...

Amazing photos. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.

I am so sorry you are so wet. Harvest must seem never ending and disheartening. I hope it dries up and you can get going again (and that your crop is OK!)

Take care.