Monday, March 14, 2011

Emma's Birthday Quilt

I only decided about a month ago that I should make Emma a quilt for her birthday, so it was buy the fabric online quick sticks and get stuck into making it.

I cheated a bit by purchasing pre-cut charm squares to save time, I then sent the quilt top to Fabric 23 in Griffith to be machine quilted by Morganne, and I machine stitched the binding on instead of sewing it by hand.

It's come up really well and Emma loved it when she saw it. She only got a quick look at it this morning as she had to leave by 7am for the school bus, but it'll be on her bed when she comes home from school this weekend.

PS - Click on the photo if you want a closer look at the pretty Amy Butler fabric and quilt stitch pattern.

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A Farmer's Wife said...

Given that the only way I would ever get something like that is by buying it or paying a local nanna to make it I don't think you cheated at all. It's gorgeous!