Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Boy

Happy 45th Birthday Farmer Phil!! You don't look a day over 44!!!???

NB - poor Farmer Phil sprayed paddocks all day but then came home to prawns, a t-bone steak (his favourite) and chocolate mudcake! Ryan and Emma are home from school on a long weekend break so they teased their dad endlessly about getting old!!


Fiona said...

My farmer's 45 this year too.
Must have been a good year.

Unknown said...

I wrote the date 3/3/11 umpteen times at work yesterday then when I got home I completely forgot to give the birthday boy a call. No card this year either flat out finding time to sleep at the moment. Hope he had a great day, no kids so I guess you guys went out and he indulged in a mammoth steak!

Annette Piper said...

Happy Birthday to Phil :) My farmer must be getting old... he'll be 46 this year!