Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We are still re-sowing paddocks of canola eaten by mice. Today I re-sowed this paddock that I posted about a few weeks ago when I finished sowing it the first time. I commented at the end of the post that a week or so after this photo was taken that we should see little canola plants popping their heads through!

Well today I saw not one canola plant!! So that means that the mice ate every single canola seed I planted!!

A few weeks ago the Nerd Farmer did a post about their canola planting. He did some calculations about how many canola seeds he planted. If I use his maths skills then I planted approximately 30,832,000 seeds in this one paddock AND the mice ate 30,832,000 seeds! You can only guess how many mice there must have been that lived in this paddock!

Hopefully Farmer Phil's baiting has eliminated a large percentage of them!

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