Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Google is a Wonderful Thing!

Have you ever "googled" your name to see what results would be revealed?

Well a few years ago I googled my maiden surname which is Newbound. I discovered that during the Depression years of the 1930's the Imperial Glass Co. in the USA manufactured a beautiful double candle holder in a pattern they called "Newbound".

After some more research I found a really pretty pink pair in the USA which I bought for my sister for her birthday. I've always wanted a set for myself but never got around to looking again. They came in light green, pink, cobalt blue, light blue, amber, milk glass, clear and steigel green (my favourite). Not sure why they were called "Newbound", but my guess is they were named after their designer.

2 months ago I googled Newbound again and discovered that not only was there candle holders in the Newbound pattern but there was also a lovely fruit bowl to match. I found a beautiful 3 piece set in cobalt blue on eBay, so I decided to buy it. It arrived yesterday and I must say they really are very special!

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A Farmer's Wife said...

They are beautiful - love them.

Googling things is one of my favourite pass times.