Thursday, June 2, 2011

Media Star!!

Yesterday Farmer Phil was asked by our local TV news reporters if he would mind if they came out to the farm to interview him about the mouse plague. He reluctantly said okay and here is the story which was played on our local news tonight.

PS - That's me driving the tractor and seeder!!


A Farmer's Wife said...

That was some very stylish tractor driving.

Farmer Phil did brilliantly. The mouse plague looks horrible. There's always something on a farm.

Fiona said...

I'm going to stop complaining about my mice in the ceiling now.

Far more credit should have been given to the tractor driver. Go Farmer Donna!

Anonymous said...

Impressive!! Not the mice but your tractor driving!!

pollyemj said...

Superstars! You and Phil!

The journalist Cassie is a friend of my brother in law too.

Plus I swear as I just watched the clip a mouse scurried across the kitchen floor in front of me. I will confess to losing him before getting the chance to stomp him out but it was a pleasant irony.

We're resowing canola here too - or we will be next week. It's unbelievable the damage they've done!