Friday, February 25, 2011

Has Mother Nature Gone MAD??

Lately I'm of the opinion that Mother Nature really has gone mad!! After the devastation of the QLD and VIC floods and Cyclone Yasi, now she unleashes absolute carnage on beautiful Christchurch in the form of a devastating earthquake.

So many precious lives lost, so many people injured and mentally scarred for life! The only positive thing to come out of this tragedy is the way people from all over the world have come together to help in the rescue and recovery of victims. The re-building of Christchurch will take many, many years but it will never look or feel the same.

I can clearly remember standing in front of the Christchurch Cathedral back in January 1982 when my family did a 3 week tour of the South Island. I can't believe that on Monday I blogged about my time living in NZ, and the next day a huge earthquake hits - I hope I wasn't a jinx!