Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flying the Coop

My eldest son, Daniel left home in February 2007 to pursue a career as a jackaroo on a wheat/sheep property in south western NSW.  He says that he likes his job, but more importantly he loves the area where he lives.  I think that has something to do with his girlfriend, Ange!!

Here he is with his best mate, Rex on a trip home to see us with his other prized possession - his ute!  Then there's a picture of his mailbox - how rural!  The property was in the grips of a very bad drought when he moved there and this year is shaping up to be exactly the same.  He lives in a very basic house on the property which was the original shearers quarters from over 100 years ago.  The last picture is of his latest best mate, Wally.


Levin said...

oooh it looks pretty dry out there.

Bronwyn said...

I am visiting from your sister's blog - and am looking forward to more posts about your farm. It doesn't matter if they are in the country or the city; a man and his dog are always great mates - just ask my hubbie who still picks up our dog like she was a baby!

Sue said...

The pup is so cute. Is it a kelpie. We have a kelpie named Jake and they are so smart too. I love all your cats. We have one named Bella who looks similar to your one who gets dressed up. I look forward to reading about your life on the farm.

Anonymous said...

hey thats me! :o

Anonymous said...

Hey, who is that guy with the cute puppy in my lounge?!
We too now have a kelpie of our own, his name is "Doug" - it was "Dig" then he made a hole, and now he's "Doug"! lol. Wally and Rex have had a few holidays at our place (as has Dan!) and "Doug" has picked up some naughty habits, from Wally!
I will have my own "blogspot" soon and I hope you will visit me.

Love, Pam
Ange's Mum :)