Thursday, September 18, 2008

More of the Menagerie

I wanted to show you some more of the menagerie here on the farm.  These animals are VERY domesticated, as you can see from their sleeping arrangements on my bed!  I've got 4 cats.  They are Bella, Charlie, Poppy and Daisy.  

Bella is a cranky old girl.  Charlie is the big ginger fluffy one who is the biggest sook ever.  Poppy and Daisy are sisters that I hand reared from 1 week old.  Their mother was a wild cat who decided to give birth to 4 kittens in our chook yard.  She decided to move them one day, but left these two behind.  As I have "sucker" written across my forehead, I decided to hand rear them.  

Daisy is very placid and is constantly being dressed up by Emma.  I can't decide whether she's happy about this or not! 


Nan said...

Well... I like your blog already, since I am a sucker for anyone who likes kitties! Welcome to blog land.

Anonymous said...

I think Daisy likes the dress. The bonnet? Not so much. ;-)

Levin said...

i laughed out loud at the cat dressed up shot! our cat wouldn't let us anywhere near her with clothes.
looks like taking in strays is a family trait.