Monday, September 29, 2008


I took Emma shopping yesterday as she had grown out of all her summer clothes from last year.  At 12 1/2 she's at that in-between age which makes it difficult to find suitable clothing for her.  All the children's departments in Target and Myer had clothes which were way too young looking and then you move to the ladies department and they all look too old!

We ended up at Jay Jays because all she needed was some neat casual clothes.  We bought a few t-shirts, a couple of pairs of board shorts, some denim shorts and 3/4 pants, a couple of nice tops and a cute grey shirtdress.  She also needed a new pair of Havaianas.  I think that's all her summer wardrobe bought in a couple of hours.  She still needs a new pair of swimmers, so I guess we'd better find some of those before all the shops sell out.

Ryan couldn't care less about what clothes he wears - that's boys for you, they're so easy!

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