Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazy Saturday

This is what we've been up to so far today - spray painting a bike, lazing around in our pj's watching DVD's, and baking birthday cakes.  

It's Ryan's 14th birthday tomorrow and he's invited a friend for the weekend.  As farm boys do, they've been riding the motorbikes and fiddling with the push bike.  I think they're camping out in their swags tonight.

Emma didn't want to be home with 2 teenage boys to contend with so she's got a friend staying for the weekend as well.  The girls were still in their pj's at 11am!  They're on the Nintendo Wii at the moment.  Check this out at The Country Doctor's Wife - it's very funny and oh so true!

I think the birthday cake looks very yum!  It's a flourless chocolate cake because Emma's friend is allergic to wheat!  

We're supposed to be taking all the kids water skiing tomorrow, so I might have some pic's of that tomorrow.  Hope you're having a lazy weekend too!


Unknown said...

I'd like a slice of that cake please! Might just go and cook a dessert for us now that I've seen that!

Unknown said...

There's wheat in those lollies!

Anonymous said...

After reading plain jane I found your blog and have really enjoyed the insight you have given me to everyday life on the farm. Please keep giving us updates and enable us to have a little understanding of the hardship and fun times you are experiencing.