Thursday, February 17, 2011


Just need to do a little bit of bragging for the minute! We received a lovely letter in the mail today informing us that Emma had won a partial scholarship to the Riverina Conservatorium of Music in Wagga for her contemporary vocal lessons she has once a week. She is to perform at their scholarship night in September and she's also been awarded a solo at their major concert called "Something to Sing About" in May. Farmer Phil and I have absolutely no idea where her beautiful voice comes from!!!???


Annette Piper said...

How wonderful! Congratulations :)

(Mine all play the piano and we don't know where the ability comes from one else in the extended family has any musical talent at all!)

Fiona said...

You know how I love a good brag!
Congratulations to your beautiful girl.

BushBelles said...

How fabulously exciting. Congrats xo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emma. Great news!!!

The Goddes