Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Purchases!

Now that we finally have a successful and profitable harvest behind us there are a few things that need to be bought to make our life on the farm just a bit more comfortable.

This was my first after-harvest purchase - a new lawn mower! But not just any old lawn mower, it's a self-propelled mulching one so no more struggling to push the thing up hills or emptying the catcher 50 thousand times! I'm not exaggerating!!!

It may not sound very exciting to you all, but to me it will be a huge time and energy saver.

Also, the air conditioner installer man has just left after installing a split system air conditioner in our master bedroom. We have ducted evaporative air conditioning already, but our bedroom is on the western wall of our house and with no protection from the sun the room can get up to 35 degrees on really hot days. It also doesn't cool down by the time Farmer Phil and I are trying to go to sleep. Hopefully this problem has been solved and we will have some refreshing sleep in the future!

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Fiona said...

Donna, I've really missed you. So pleased you're back in the "land of blog".
I'm so envious of the air-conditioning. We've had some shockers this past week. Monday night saw me out in the shed at about 1 in the morning, trying to find a pedestal fan I knew was out there somewhere to set up in our bedroom!
When I finally got it going, the noise was possibly worse than the stifling heat!
Stay cool...Fiona.