Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Since coming home from holidays Farmer Phil has been trying to get as much spraying done as he can when the weather conditions allow. The weeds have been growing like Topsy since before harvest so it's a full time job to keep on top of them.

Today it's decided to rain so Farmer Phil has picked Ryan and Emma up from school to take them water skiing for the day at Albury to have some training with coach Cathryn. We are all booked to go to the Australian Water Ski Nationals held in Townsville this year over the Easter weekend. To qualify for them you need to ski to a certain standard so both Ryan and Emma need as much coaching and time on the water as possible.

So, while I have the house to myself I've decided to get some more work done on this quilt I started last year. I originally started to make it as a Christmas gift for a member of the family but I loved the fabric so much that I'm keeping it for myself to put on our bed. The fabric is from Anna Maria Horner and is very bright and cheerful.

Hope you all have a productive day!


A Farmer's Wife said...

Aren't you clever to make such a gorgeous quilt? We haven't sprayed yet as we haven't had enough rain to have weeds so far...!

Fiona said...

Planning a day in the house earlier in the week, the boss suggested at smoko I jump on the tractor with the boom spray, and spray out our hay paddock! Fortunately I managed to convince him that rain was on the horizon, and so wheezled out of the job. The rain didn't eventuate, and now I'm feeling a little guilty!

Gorgeous quilt by the way!