Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flood Photos

The main road between Wagga and Coolamon was blocked and traffic stopped until the water stopped running. The school buses had a hard time getting home. The farmer who owns this land said it had been 30 years since he'd seen this much water rush through his property.

We went to check out one of our other farms but couldn't get there because of the flooding. These photos are taken on the neighbours land at the back of our farm.

Farmer Phil, Emma and Ryan checking out a fence that has broken and washed across the road and piled with straw. Farmers will be fencing for the next month!

The gate didn't stand a chance against the force of the flood water.

Rain, Rain and More Rain!!!

Yesterday we received more rain in one dump than we've ever had before - over 100mm or 4 inches. It fell in just over 2 hours and of course there was minor flooding afterwards.

Farmer Phil, Ryan, Emma and I hopped in the ute and went for a drive to inspect the damage. Our farms were lucky to have escaped the major damage with just a couple of fences down. These photo's are of the dirt road between 3 of our farms with our neighbours farm on either side of the road. The council will have some repair work to do on the culvert when it dries out.

Taken about 2 hours after the rain had stopped.

The damaged culvert after the water has subsided.