Wednesday, January 1, 2014


We had a very sad end to 2013 with our beautiful big boy "Charlie" passing away :(!  He was only 8 1/2 but he became ill a few months ago and the vet thought he may have had lung cancer or a virus!  Nothing was conclusive with all the investigations the vet did and one surgery to drain fluid from Charlie's lungs.  But when Charlie started having real difficulty breathing last week we decided to have him put down.  We were on our way to the vets when he died in the car.  We buried him under the lemon scented gum in the last photo below - he has a beautiful view of the farm!


Kindrawares, the little shop I own with my sister Lisa in Coolamon, NSW is going great guns!  We've had such a great time over the last 14 months since we opened.  Everyone who visits loves our quirky, colourful little shop!!  Check us out on Facebook!  We have lots of beautiful gifts and handmade goodies from all over Australia and the world!

Christmas 2013

Daniel and Ange moved into their brand new house the week before Christmas.  We made the trek to Deniliquin to spend Christmas day with the extended family.  

It's a beautiful home and I'm sure they'll be extremely happy in it!  Although there is still a lot of work to do - lawn, gardens, fence, shed to be built etc, etc!!

Daniel just had the keys to the new house handed over!  Excited!!

Harvest 2013!

Harvest 2013 was a mixed bag - after a very significant frost event in late October the yields on both the canola and wheat were down from previous years.  The low lying paddocks were badly affected but the more hilly paddocks were fine.

Due to Ryan being away waterski training it was my job to drive the header for a large part of harvest.  We employed a driver for the semi and another bloke to man the tractor and chaser bin.  Daniel helped out for a week or so as well.  It all went smoothly with only a few minor breakdowns.

Anyway, it's all done and dusted for another year and we'll do it all again next year!!


Unloading on the run

Canola windrows

Finished with School!!

Emma is our youngest child and 2013 was her final year of school!  She sat her Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams during October and November - Advanced English, Senior Science, Music, Visual Art, Modern History and Geography.

She performed very well in all her exams and is now off to Melbourne in 2014 to attend Victoria University doing a 12 month Diploma course in Specialist Make-up Services - she wants to be a movie/tv/special effects make-up artist!

Emma did a short course in make-up during and after her HSC - these are 2 of the looks she created!

So no more trips to Yanco Ag for this family!

"As you sow, so shall you reap" is the school's motto.