Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Australian Waterski Titles

Easter is always a busy time for us as it is when the Australian Waterski Titles are held each year.  this year it was hosted by NSW and held at Stoney Park near Port Macquarie.  Farmer Phil was chosen to be one of the boat drivers over the 5 day competition so we didn't see a great deal of him!
If you remember last year, Ryan broke his collarbone so was unable to compete even though he had rated in all 3 events.  This year he was fit and ready to do well.  He had put a lot of time into training this summer so was hoping to do well.
He slalomed badly after admitting he was very nervous! Trick was next where he performed okay.  Then jump came and this event is the one he wanted to do really well in after improving a lot from  last year.
Well, his training paid off and was awarded the Silver Medal in the Under 21 Mens Jump event!  He narrowly missed out on a Bronze for overall - if he had slalomed better he may have came in third overall.
Anyway, it was a great Easter and now it's back to the reality of farm life and getting ready to put another crop in.
Medal winners - Charlie, Ryan, Angus, Mitchell, Trent and Nick

Very happy!

NSW won the Beynon Shield for the 9th year in a row!

Brother and sister!

Beach Carnival & Gala Day 2013

2013 is Emma's final year of high school - it's a bit sad really!
So here are some photos of her last ever Beach Carnival and Gala Day at Yanco Ag!
Mighty Mutch House marching - we came second!

Emma - second row from the front and second left.  Marching is taken very seriously at Beach Carnival!!

Year 12!

Then an all in water fight!

Gala Day - Grand Parade!

Equestrian Team!

Parading the cattle!

Parading the sheep!

The Year 12 Fashion Parade where Elvis made an appearance!

KISS were there too!

The Wiggles and their Big Red Car!

Lady Gaga!

Emma, Vanessa and Courtney as Charlie's Angels!
Year 12 on the balcony of McCaughey House!

Emma is 17!!!!

On March 14th Emma turned 17!!  I can't believe my baby is almost an adult!!
She had a singing lesson the night before her birthday so we had a small celebration and cake for her before getting her back to boarding school the next morning.
Emma passed her driving test on her birthday so she is now mobile and can drive herself to all her singing lessons etc!  It will make my life so much easier!!
Emma and Farmer Phil (who turned 47, 11 days before!!)

A rainbow cake which turned out pretty great!