Thursday, February 5, 2009

Designing Graham's Quilt

I've been busy today drawing designs for Graham's birthday quilt. I've come up with 9 pictures - the house, the header, the tractor, a cow, some sheep, a duck, a chook and a rabbit all together, a gate with a magpie and a galah sitting on it, a drawing of Graham and his wife, and a bee with a hive. I'll take them down to my mother in law for approval before I start sewing anything. I've drawn them on A4 paper, so the quilt should measure about 120cm x 100cm, which will be fine to either hang on the wall or throw over the back of the lounge.

It's over 40 degrees here again and inside the house the temperature is still 30 degrees even with the air conditioning on!! We've had more than a week of this extremely hot weather and it looks like we've got another few days of it yet. I wish we had our planned swimming pool installed already!!

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Unknown said...

Nothing like a challenge! I wonder if the dashes of red will be approved! Great work, very unique, Graham and Uula will love it. It's hot and very humid here too, but so glad the beach isn't far away. Bought the dogs a clam kiddies paddle pool yesterday should be good while we are all at work and school, at least they won't run out of drinking water.