Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ski School

Last week Farmer Phil, Ryan, Emma and I spent a week at Colombo Creek Ski School. It was for a Junior Training Camp so that the kids experience some expert tuition in slalom and trick skiing before the beginning of the tournament season. Farmer Phil was a boat driver for the week and I was the camp cook. There were 16 kids and 10 adults for the week.

The kids have a great time and all get on really well together. The adults have an equally good time with lots of laughs, drinks and sitting around the fire at night when the kids have gone to bed!

The main thing is for the kids to improve their skiing and Ryan and Emma certainly did that.

Tanika, Deanna, Emma, Luke and Ryan sitting around the fire bucket warming up after their sets.

Sue who helped me with the cooking, Farmer Phil on a boat driving break and Jono having a break from trick coaching.

Ryan's style in the Slalom Shoot Out competition.

Emma in the Slalom Shoot Out.

Colombo's Got Talent with the older girls performing an act - Jenna, Tanika, Hannah, Jayme and Deanna.

Jayme, Leah, Tahner, Sierra and Emma singing.

Jayme, Ryan, Blake and Brittany watching the show.

The winner of the Slalom Shoot Out was Luke in the middle with Deanna coming second. Ryan on the right won the Most Improved Skier Award.

The kids, coaches and boat drivers on the dock for the last day of skiing.

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