Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy, Busy!!

Ryan jumping with Jake crouching down under the jump ramp after bucketing water onto it.

Nice photo of Ryan mid jump.

The smile says it all after Emma landed a jump on her first attempt at jump skiing.
Jenna, Ryan and Emma on their trick skis.

Great bunch of teenagers at waterski tournaments - Ryan, Jayme, Emma, Taylah, and Deanna at the back with Jenna and Jess in the front.

The past 2 weeks have passed by in a blur they've been so busy! We've had:

2 family funerals - both elderly ladies who were unwell
1 weekend waterski tournament
3 waterski training days
1 trip to Melbourne for Farmer Phil and Ryan to watch AC/DC's Black Ice Concert
1 orthodontist trip for Emma to have braces fitted to her teeth
1 chemical users course for Farmer Phil and I
1 trip to Sydney to craniofacial clinic for Ryan regarding more surgery this year
1 40th birthday party
1 day helping friends butcher 30 lambs - yummo, fresh lamb to eat!!
2 appointments with a builder to start building our patio roof
1 ag n chat meeting
3 trips via school to Wagga for Emma's singing and music lessons

I travelled over 2000km in the car last week - I'm over it!! Thankfully this week is much quieter and I am home all day today!

Farmer Phil is busy spraying herbicide on the paddocks after 8 inches of rain fell in February. There are lots of weeds growing and they need to be eliminated before they get too big.

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