Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Decision is Final!!

This vintage club lounge belonged to my grand parents from 1946? until 1989 and then I became it's owner. As a child I remember the lounge in the "front" room of their farmhouse which was only used for special visitors. My sister and I used to sneak in and have a quick look and sit on it - it seemed so huge to us as little kids!

When Nana bought herself a new lounge she was going to give the old lounge to the charity shop until I heard about it and asked if she would mind me having it. I'm so very lucky to have something that belonged to my grandparents which holds special memories for me.

Every time my mum comes to visit she always asks when I am going to get it restored and reupholstered. Well mum, now is the time!!

After a rewarding harvest a few projects that have been put off for years (22 for the lounge to be exact!) are finally going to be completed.

I wanted the lounge to remain "art deco" looking so I picked out a fabric which I think will do the job. I'm not showing you what I picked yet - I'll wait until I get the finished product home and put back in the lounge room.

Farmer Phil said he didn't care what fabric I picked so I asked my sister her opinion which I value very much. She agreed with my choice so the decision is final!!

Can't wait to see it when it's finished!

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A Farmer's Wife said...

I think getting special things after a decent harvest is always exciting. I can remember everything we have got after each harvest (and some years it was nothing!!)

I think the lounge will look fantastic.