Monday, June 13, 2011

Fiestaware ♥

5 Piece Place setting in Scarlet

When I saw this post on The Pioneer Woman I knew that I had to get my hands on some Fiestaware.

Pitcher in Shamrock

Salt and Pepper Shakers in Scarlet

After researching on the net I discovered that Fiestaware is not available in Australia - bummer! I decided to bite the bullet and order it direct from the factory and pay the ridiculously expensive postage from the USA. I reasoned that with the Australian dollar better than the US dollar at the moment then it wouldn't be so bad.

Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set in Sunflower

The boxes arrived last week and I couldn't wait to unpack them and display them in my kitchen. I bought a place setting in almost every colour - scarlet, paprika, tangerine, sunflower, lemongrass, shamrock, turquoise, peacock, cobalt and plum.

All farmer Phil said was I'm glad you like them!! And I do!!!!


A Farmer's Wife said...

I like them too!

Fiona said...

Beautiful Donna!
I'm shamrock with envy!

Sara Brown said...

Hi. Can you tell me where you ordered your fiestaware from? I have tried ordering it from Macys but it is over their weight/size limitations. Thanks, Sara

Donna said...

Hi Sara,

I ordered it direct from Homer Laughlin Fiestaware. They were great and it arrived perfectly with no breakages - wrapped really well in bubble wrap.

I'm glad someone else loves it too!!


Allyson said...

I adore Fiesta also...if only it was available in Australia!!! Just out of curiosity, how expensive was the postage??

Donna said...

Hi Allyson,

Freight cost just as much as buying the Fiestaware so just double the price of it!



cheryl said...

Hi everyone! I am from a farm in the USA and have red fiesta ware (8 piece setting with additional pieces) and will be moving back to the USA in march. . Willing to sell my setting here as I don't want to pay the cost of shipping back. I live in Melbourne if there is interest of anyone. New set. Let me know. I can send pics. Cheryl

Donna said...

Hi Cheryl,

I'd be very interested in your Fiestaware. Can you send pics and price details etc to



Susannah said...

Just a tip for any fellow Australians who are looking to buy Fiestaware... I bought mine on Amazon and it arrived promptly, not to mention beautifully packaged. Not a single chip or break, and I ordered six place settings and a pitcher! Shipping is a bit on the dear side (since it's calculated by weight), but look for sales on the actual items and you'll do well. The Aussie dollar is strong at the moment, so now's the time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Susannah. Looking into buying some now. Donna, your Fiestaware looks gorgeous. I have a couple of pieces (I used to live in the US), but I'd like more and it's so expensive to ship to Australia. Also kind of heavy to ask visitors to put in their suitcase. ;-)