Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gotta Love a Country Show!!

Today was the annual Ganmain Show Day. It's a typical country show with a side show alley consisting of the Cha-Cha, dodgem cars and blow up play castle thingies! But Ganmain also has the added attractions of hay stack making, quick shear competition, sheaf tossing competition, famous Ganmain pie eating competition, yard dog trials and of course the Master, Junior Miss and Miss showgirl events.

Farmer Phil was asked to judge the quick shear compeition which is hilarious and quite ironic as we do not have a single sheep on our farm!! Farmer Phil absolutely hates working with sheep! At least the judging he had to do only consisted of timing each shearer and making sure that the sheep were shorn cleanly.

Emma and I went along to have a quick look through the pavillions to see all the chooks, sheep, baby farmyard animals, farm produce, wool fleeces, cooking, handicrafts and photography. It was a beautiful sunny day and the crowd was huge so that is fantastic for a small country town where they sometimes struggle to even put on a show each year.

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