Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where Has Summer Gone?

The weather really has been crazy this Summer! I'm still waiting for the hot weather to arrive!! We normally have a lot of days over 40 degrees, but this Summer I don't think we've had any!
It's absolutely pelting with rain today and the pool is just about to overflow!! I was planning a trip to town for supplies but have wisely decided against that! Rain is forecast for the rest of the week too!

PS: All up we had 225mm of rain over 5 days! That's 9 inches in the old scale!! Our average annual rainfall is 22 inches, and we've had almost half that in one week!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!


BushBelles said...

Looks the same here Donna,just been to town for supplies as our crossing is usually covered by morning. Bushbelles

Fiona said...

I'm very envious Donna (and Bushbelles). A very meagre wet season in our parts this year. Haven't reached six inches for the year yet. No need to panic just yet, but it does sit at the back of your mind wondering what might happen if our turn doesn't come.