Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Zealand

We've had a very busy first two months of 2014!

We didn't fit our annual waterskiing holiday to Renmark in this year because Ryan was selected to ski for Australia in the Under 21 team.  It was for the annual Aussie/Kiwi Challenge and this year it was held near Ashburton in New Zealand's South Island.

The whole Aussie team ready to board the plane at Sydney Airport - U 14's, U 17's and U 21's.

Team photo with the Kiwi's.

On the final morning we woke to snow on the mountains!  It is supposed to be Summer!  We left home when it was over 40 degrees to snow!!

Scenic drive up to Mt Hutt, a popular snow skiing field.

A few of the Aussie kids had never seen or touched snow before so this trip was very special.

Of course a snow fight happened as soon as the mini buses stopped!

Everyone was in the fight!

Official team photo's taken in the snow in Summer for a waterski tournament!!

It was so bright they couldn't see.

Ryan's Under 21 team - Olivia, Cam, Jayme, Ryan, Anthea, Trent, Jacinta and Team Manager Griff

Still having fun in the snow.

Lots of great photo opportunities with the magnificent scenery!

We were quite high up and you could see for miles over the patchwork Canterbury Plains.

An Aussie/Kiwi challenge tradition - the Under 21's boat race!  Australia won!!

Ryan sculling his beer!

The Under 21 Kiwi's and Aussie's with their medals at the presentation night.  Australia won the team gold in the Under 14's, the Under 17's and the Under 21's - a clean sweep!

Back to Christchurch for a quick look around the CBD and the earthquake one.  It was very sad to see it a long way off being back to what it was before the earthquake.  Lots of rubble, containers everywhere, lots of machinery and workers, but still looking like a ghost town.

Broken buildings!

Vacant blocks of land where the fallen buildings have been cleared away.

An ingenious idea - the container shopping mall!

An outdoor church!

Ryan flew home from Christchurch with the rest of the Aussie team while Farmer Phil and I flew to Auckland and spent 3 nights visiting my old school friends.   Photo taken from the Skytower in Auckland CBD of the Harbour Bridge.

Andrea and Farmer Phil at One Tree Hill where the only tree fell down a few years ago and now there is an argument about what sort of tree to plant to replace it!                                      .

Andrea and I at One Tree Hill with the Skytower between our heads.  We met at the start of intermediate school in 1980 and still keep in touch!

Andrea and her gorgeous twins Alexander and Max!  They are very precious boys after many years of trying to have a family!

Joanne, Adrienne and I out for dinner.  We met at the start of high school in 1982 - can't believe that was 32 years ago!!

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