Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rustious Roly Poly

I bought this barb wire ball at the Gala Day auction. It was made by a Yanco parent and is supposed to be made from original McCaughey wire. This is the blurb that came with it:

Botanical Name: Rustious Roly Poly

This very,very drought tolerant and frost hardy plant is a delight to grow and is a must for the lazy gardener.

This rustic, year round flowering plant has very prickly petals. It battle on regardless of dry arid conditions.

It will also grow successfully in higher rainfall areas but is susceptible to all forms of rust: stripe, leaf and stem!!! A fungicide spray of CRC or WD40 will give a short period of control.

Despite low rust tolerance, it rarely affects growth and flowering ability.

I recommend this plant to gardeners EVERYWHERE.......

PS: This plant has a poor root system and may require staking in windy open areas.......!!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Need more of those in my neglected garden! Is it really original McCaughey wire............I guess you'll never know, great idea.