Monday, May 2, 2011

A Small, Furry Problem!

Yes, we have a mouse problem here on the farm! Thankfully, they haven't found their way inside the house yet although we do have some in the walls!! All our neighbours are battling them inside their homes - YUCK!! I guess because our house is relatively new (almost 10 years old) that it is sort of mouse proof! We also have a Jack Russell Terrier and 5 cats who have been doing a great job at keeping the numbers down around the house and shed - evidenced by bits of mice bodies everywhere outside!

The paddocks are literally covered in little holes which the mice dig as a nice cosy nest for themselves and their family. When you drive at night the roads are alive with mice running across everywhere! We're all hoping that once some colder weather starts that the mice might eventually die off!


Annette Piper said...

We've got zillions of them too. Ours are in the roof though and one has not so nicely died up there we think given the stench in the girl's room. Its so bad they've had to move out for a couple of days till the smell dies down! None in the house at the moment, thankfully, but like you we're in a newish house which is still sealed.

mcgyvr2009i said...

We have some furry guests too. I think they're cute though. I kept one as a pet.