Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Biggest Kid of All!!!

Ryan, Emma, Farmer Phil, Jayme and Jenna - thanks for the photo Carol!

I met Farmer Phil nearly 24 years ago at a water ski day and it's been a huge part of our lives ever since. Farmer Phil absolutely loves to water ski and couldn't wait to teach the kids as soon as they were old enough. We are now very involved in tournament skiing with both Ryan and Emma competing in the slalom, trick and jump events. We've met fabulous people and made many great friends all over Australia.

Last Summer we had a day out with friends who all have teenage kids. Farmer Phil decided he wanted to have a ski with the kids because they're always having a go at us "oldies"! The above photo is the result - all 5 on trick skis. Farmer Phil held his own and wasn't the only one to fall off!

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Anonymous said...

Love Love LOVE IT!!!
Let me guess, took two hours to organise and lasted ten seconds... actually , sounds familiar in a way!! lol