Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting to Know Me

Julia at Bushbelles asked to get to know some of her readers - here are my answers!!

Town or Country

Definitely country! We're off to Sydney for 4 nights this weekend and after the first day the novelty will have worn off!!

Music or Books

Love both - read every night in bed but sing to my hearts content alone in the car!

Perfect Day

A day out with friends, eating and drinking, and water skiing

Clooney or Pitt

Brad Pitt ♥

Romantic Hero or Action Hero

Romantic Hero - any actor in a rom com who sweeps the girl off her feet!

Prince Frederick or Prince William

Prince Frederick - he's a man's man and because he picked "our Mary"!

Princess Diana or Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge

Princess Diana

Heels or favourite winter boots

Boots - I have 4 pair of RM's and 3 pair of dressy boots (I'm too tall for high heels!)

Australian Stockman or Surfer

Definitely rugged Australian Stockman ♥

Chocolate or Coffee

Chocolate ♥ - can't stand the smell of coffee!

Great Shoes or Gorgeous Underwear

Love to look at pretty shoes - only two people get to see the undies!!

Pedicure, manicure or massage

Massage although I've never had one!

Rodeo's or Picnic Races

Only been to one rodeo and never been to picnics so can't decide (horse races are always on at busy farm times

Talk it out or keep it to yourself

Keep it to myself - don't want to burden people

Karaoke - first to sing, last to sing or absolutely-no-not-ever

Never really had the opportunity but dream of getting up on stage and singing to my hearts content

One Beauty Product that you would recommend or can't live without

Body Shop Shea Body Butter - yum!

One book you would recommend to anyone or that you love and can read over and over again
Loved Twilight series, Harry Potter series and anything by Rachael Treasure

Summer or winter

Summer - hate being cold and layered in clothing

One life-changing moment

The day I met Farmer Phil

Camping or 5 star

Love our annual summer camping holiday although we've graduated to a caravan now, but also love to stay in a nice 5 star hotel for the weekend

One movie that makes you cry everytime

The Notebook

One moment you would like to revisit if you could

The days before my dad died from lung/brain cancer - just didn't say the things I wanted to, although I'm sure dad knew what I was thinking

Favourite movie/song

Grease/The Notebook/Sweet Home Alabama/Love Actually - the list goes on.....

Have too many favourite songs - I have a mix of music on my iPod from classical to AC/DC

Who would play you in the movie of your life

Maybe Jennifer Aniston or Reece Witherspoon

Who would play the handsome hero in the movie of your life

Josh Hartnett - have you seen him in Pearl Harbour - YUM

How long have you known your oldest friend

Since I was 11 - we only had 2 years together at school but keep in contact even though we're in different countries

3 things you have yet to do

Travel overseas - Canada, New Zealand and Europe

Would also love to Trek the Kokoda Trail
Become a squillionaire!!

School days - happy or sad, good or bad memories

Happy, but just wish I hadn't been so shy!

What - or who - always makes you feel better on those more challenging days

Alone time just pottering around the house or reading blogs I love

Recommend a blog/website

Favourite blogs are Bushbelles of course, Ree at The Pioneer Woman, Fiona from Cattle, Kids and Chaos and The Itty, Bitty, Kitty Committee (I ♥ cats!)

Something you are passionate about now

Women in agriculture can do anything!
Happier now than you were at 20 - honestly

Happier - at 20 I was newly married with a small baby!

Describe yourself in one word only


Words to live by

"Keep Calm and Carry On" World War II slogan from Great Britain - just get on with it!
What is the one thing you know for sure

Life goes on no matter what!


BushBelles said...

Thanks so much for sharing your answers. Really enjoyed reading them.

Fiona said...

Donna, I was most chuffed to see you included me in a list of blogs you'd recommend. Thankyou so much. Love catching up on what's happening in your farming world ... the boss is away from here at the moment, leaving me in charge of the irrigator. At the moment I'm not a lover of farming. I do cows better.